The Supernova Experience… A Journey Into The Unknown

A Journey Into The Unknown… 

The Beginning

My initial response on seeing the Blogadda mail of #celebrateblogging activity was to just ignore it; it was too far outside the subject of my blog. The point that attracted me was the name Ravi Subramanian – who stands in my list as one of the best thriller writers in the fiction category, East or West. Ravi was one of the judges, and coincidentally I had met him once, and had also been in touch over the mail on each new book of his I reviewed on my blog. 

It was Ravi’s name that kindled a long-held passion in my heart – that of penning a fiction book. I had attempted it twice – and also had several story ideas in my mind, before the real world, sales targets and month-end pressures took over. The stories remained unfinished, incomplete, and life moved on. As it always does…  

At that point, the factor that I would collaborate with other bloggers did not enter my mind. It seemed interesting, and was regarding  one of my lifelong  passions. It was a chance to do something for myself, for my heart for a change. I entered the details on Blogadda, and moved on. Frank, straight and blunt : I clean forgot about it. 

Until I received a mailer from Blogadda regarding the activity. And then, the list of the team members. Learning number one: when you are dealing with people with a commmon purpose and interests – things move automatically. The integration was seamless, no thanks to me, to be honest. The initiative was taken by other members – Antarik or Stuti, if memory serves me right. 

But I get ahead of myself. Let us look at the team first. 

The All Of Us : Team Supernova

1 Nikita Dudani
2 Siddhesh Kabe
4 stuti shrimali
5 Antarik Anwesan
8 Rafaa Dalvi

9  Anupam Joseph
Anupam had to take leave from us near the end, due to personal reasons and lack of time; but the contribution is appreciated by all – including regular feedback, and participation. For an excellent pictorial, look up this post : Behind The Scenes
Well, Thats us. We called ourselves Team Supernova – and that was because good  old blogadda  had made it mandatory- giving a group name as an identifier. So much simpler than Team no “x”, isnt it? For us, it was a journey into the unknown, and I had my doubts as to how would we do it – we had, after all, never even met, spoken or contacted each other!

The Activity

I wish I could say it was plain sailing… but it wasnt. It was tough – not because we didnt have ideas; or because we didnt know each other; had never even met each other. I observed above in Learning No 1, that a common purpose and interest overcame that. It was tough because of the profusion of ideas, and wildly divergent views which were obviously held by everyone. 

Here, I point out one person – Antarik Anwesan, who was the team leader. I must appreciate his efforts – he did pull the team together. This does not mean the others didnt; but as the leader, the mantle of responsibility fell on him – which he carried out admirably well – as he was the one communicating with Blogadda, keeping team together, doing the finishing touches, compiling, checking. Well done, Anatarik.

The story itself, the genre, the plot all clicked almost automatically, thanks to WhatsApp. This was Learning No 2 for me : The Collaborative power of WhatsApp, which I have detailed in another post : Whatsapped!

We fought, we argued, – it wasnt hunky dory. No human team collaborative activity is. Put 10 people together, and you get a fight. Guaranteed. It happened with us too. That is where everyone was great : despite the fights, not one person was cheap, or insulting. Everyone – Nikita, Stuti, Siddhesh, Soumya, Chitra and Rafaa. Everyone. 

That was Learning No 3 for me : the power of a common purpose and vision in a team, and its ability to overcome obstacles- even major ones. And we did have MAJOR obstacles. All three learnings – vital learnings even in corporates. Add to this, the real world experience of writing fiction – I learned a lot from this team. I was one of the few among us who had attempted to write a book before, and yet, I shamelessly admit – I learned a lot from this team, their passion and their ideas. From start to finish, it was a team effort – one that taught me a lot about teams as well as writing. 

Well done, everyone – and thanks for making it a fun session!
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