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Ayodhya Kaa Rajaa, Indore

Published September 8, 2014 by vishalvkale

Ayodhya Kaa Raajaa, Indore

Mumbai is known as the land of Ganesh Festival – rightly so. There is no town in India that can match the fervor and the sheer scale and joy of The Ganeshji Season in Mumbai; pages and volumes have been written about the Mumbai festival, and its gaiety; its images are now part of our folklore almost, an integral part of India, such is the joy and the magnificence of the festivities at Mumbai. 

But India exists outside Mumbai; and I recently {yesterday as a matter of fact} noticed a Ganeshji Pandal in Indore that literally took my breath away, despite having been in Mumbai since 2012 June. I could recall nothing of this sort anywhere in India {this is not to state that something like this does not happen elsewhere : India is way too large for that to happen}. 

It occurred to me that this is something that India should know; and I hope more people like me from other parts of India also highlight the beauty and unique aspects of our culture, our country, our festivities and our celebrations so that the beauty can be seen and observed by all Indians. This is a first effort for me, so any lack in clarity of images will, I hope, be overlooked by readers. 

The snaps have been taken with a Nokia Lumia 720 in autofocus mode; it has a flash, and a 6.7 MP camera. These were taken in overcast conditions at around 6:00 PM during the daytime. Any advice on how to improve the snaps and my photography is also more than welcome… I hope everyone enjoys the beauty and scale of this magnificent Ganeshji Pandal. This was at Dussehra Maidan, Annapurna Road, Indore

The entire structure is temporary; it is built on a wood plank foundation, and has a bamboo framework, with the rest being built with judicious use of cloth and thermocol. That is it. Of note is the strength and the durability of this structure, as it handles the load of thousands of pilgrims from all over Indore {maybe from nearby towns too, you never do know}. Of further note is the internal decorations used to decorate the Pandal, as well as the temporary mini garden in front of the massive pandal… enjoy the images…

{Following single image taken from google I was unable to capture a clear image on my camera