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I am an Indian – First And Foremost; A Husband and a Father… on the wrong side of 40. I hail from that famous tribe called the Mahaa Bekaar Aadmi {MBA}, and possess 16 years work experience in diversified industries. My passion is India – which is my first love, by raison d’etre, my passion and my dream. Other than that, I am passionate about reading, mobiles, marathi music, selected  movies and, to round it off, reading. I read both Fiction {Indian primarily, some western} and Non-Fiction {History, Economics, Business, Foreign Policy}. V-e-r-y selective on movies : Dont watch TV; but love to watch “Eka Lagnaa Chi Dusri Goshte“, Office Office, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Laughter Challenge on Youtube, alongwith NDTV Watch and other assorted news clippings, like the one and only Arnab Goswami…

I am an Indian first and everything else later, and idolise the Indian Armed Forces and the martyrs of our independence struggle . I wear my Indianness in language, culture, opinions on my sleeve, and am openly proud of my heritage; and it shows in my writings.  

My blog is about India : The Indian Economy, Indian Politics, Indian Culture, Indian History and Indian Fiction as well as Non-Fiction Books. I specialise in and focus on deep politico-economic analysis; Books off the beaten track, and a value & fundamentals-based approach towards the  Indian Economy, Corporate India  – And Especially Indian  Colonial History wherein I have and shall continue to explore the hidden and at times stunning and shocking aspects that remain hidden from us as a people.

I write with transparent passion, and a no-holds-barred approach, always trying to provide documented proofs, and tend to take on issues head-on in the belief that if I can change just one person in my life, this effort at blogging would have been successful. This change can be telling the real story of colonialism whose horrors  few Indians are aware of,  and which is important given our habit of calling the Muslim rule names; 

Or it can be in enabling a change in thought process towards fundamentals and basics in economics and business; or towards anti-corruption and responsible citizenry in daily affairs… That’s me. In short, I am a pragmatic idealist. I have ideals, but also the maturity to understand that the perfect world doesnt exist; that a movement towards change can be wrought by balanced but blunt writings, combined with walking the talk…

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