Book Review – Inkredia : Luwan Of Brida

Published August 4, 2017 by vishalvkale

I wish I could rate this book 7 stars out of 5… pity that I can only give it 5. End of review – now go and read it. {Probably the best review I have ever written!}

Ok, still here?  Fine – lets look at some more details. Surprised at separate for the Genre? The reason is that this is, to best of my knowledge, a new genre with very few books {at least in my knowledge} that have been written in; at the very least – a new genre for me. There is no politics, no hint of religion, and no hint of anything remotely objectionable, neither are there any real world linkages or race and culture issues. This is a fantasy book – and a fanstasy book quite unlike any I have ever read! The land is new, the people are completely imaginary, the culture is totally imaginary, the names new – everything about the book and the story is fresh!

The story is something that we have read in many stories in many genres before; A young boy, in the late teens, living alone and making a living for himself off the land, in the town of Brida of the Kingdom of Inkredia. He has a sister with whom he is estranged; she is also late teens – 19, and lives alone in the same locality. The children’s parents are no more; what is more, the father had handed the boy a small pendant, a letter, a magic book and some instructions to meet someone in a far-away city. This is as simple as it gets; it is a real challenge to craft a riveting story and book that holds your attention – and this has been achieved.
The story moves into a classic hunt and chase, as the kids are forced to flee when, apparently, the boy refuses to pay tax as he has no money left. The persecuted young folks run for their lives, chased by the what they believe to be local feudal lord’s people. On the way, they are helped by a kind man and common friend, and then by a total stranger, who turns out to be far more powerful and adept at combat and survival. As the story progresses, the questions start bothering the kids : namely, why would anyone set such powerful forces for just a few coins tax? How are they responding and rising to the challenge so naturally? Why is the magic book guiding them at the precise moments? These, and other questions come to their minds, as the chase draws to a close near the city…
LuwanNow who is this chappie – how come his reflexes are so natural, and where does he get his natural skills and courage from?
MegSurprise package. Don’t mistake her for the normal elder sister
KiliarnHelper, and for hire…Wont say anything else. Read the book!
Fantastic book! Simply awesome – make no mistake of that. This is an incredibly written piece of pure fiction, and absolute nonsense {I use that word for effect, not as an insult}. Nonsense, yes, –  but riveting, logically flowing and logical, interesting and captivating nonsense. I say nonsense because there is no cultural reality – the culture is imaginary, the names imaginary and fresh, the land {Brida, Inkredia, etc} imaginary, the magic, the animals and the weapons completely imaginary and so on. It takes imagination of a very high order to imagine such a land and people, and craft this into a coherent story! Many other authors have tried this – I have read a few – but no one has created something totally new. Full marks to the author for crafting this!
Next, the characterization – beautifully, skillfully done. While some deeper physical characteristics  would have made it better, it is nonetheless excellent. One is able to relate to all characters, their behaviour and the resultant actions without any dissonance. Each character is well-etched and defined, a task of some skill, with deep tones and clear lines. The reader, over time, begins to relate to the main characters, and live the story with them – that is the power.
The pace is rapid, breakneck almost, right from the first few pages. The story proceeds at a relentless pace, a hectic pace with one event following another in blinding speed, making for riveting reading and an absorbing connect. The best part is that this has been achieved without sacrificing plot or characterization intricacies. In fact, the action and the event flow has been used in places to give a background, a trait, or a line to the character, deepening our understanding as well as our connect.
The best part in this imaginary story, told in an imaginary magical world, of a young brother sister on the run is that there are no cliched or expected situations – to give an example, no girl getting kidnapped just to create tension – a normal ruse in such storylines as the moment you see a girl character you know she will get into trouble; each action sequence and event is fresh and superb. Not only that, the discerning observing reader can spot moving lessons scattered throughout the book, as the icing on the cake. One of the finest fiction books I have read in a long time – written by a completely new author, a man who will bear watching in future – Mr Sarang Mahajan… don’t keep us waiting too long for the next one!
THE AUTHOR {Credit – Website}
Sarang Mahajan is a successful Indian writer in the fantasy genre. Along with imaginative fantasy elements, the highlights of his work include strong character building and real-life drama. He is the author of the ongoing series, Inkredia and has written two TV shows in the fantasy genre including the successful show, Hatim that aired on Life OK. He is currently working on shows to be aired on Star Plus and Colors Bangla…

INKREDIA {Credit  – Website}
Inkredia is a fantasy universe created by Sarang Mahajan. Inkredia, as fondly called by its people, is one of the most powerful empires in this universe. The real name of the empire is Fal Doram. There are many other empires spread across the Floran Bak, the shape of which is debated by the scholars. In the Inkredia Universe, magic is literally in the air. 

There are dark and fair elements in the air that give life to the supernatural sort, just like air gives life to humans. Two of the most common elements among these are Ilmor and Elmor, the dark one and the fair one. Supernatural beings in humanoid form are either called nonhumans or demons. There are also various creatures with different abilities. All the supernatural folk in Inkredia are unique to Inkredia Universe and won’t be found in other fantasy universes.

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