Clicking Photos While A Man Dies – Shabaash People!

Published July 21, 2017 by vishalvkale

Stock image from the internet – Blogger was taking incorrect images, so used this

The morning news  – the first article I clicked, an action I sincerely regret now, was on an accident in Pune, the city I live in. I was stunned into shock by the news – people stood around clicking photographs of the poor hapless person while he lay bleeding on the street. Not one person came forward to help. God Bless the only decent man there, a dentist, who came forward to help, and assisted in taking the injured person to the nearest hospital. Just think – people standing around, clicking photographs while a hapless and helpless person lies on the road, bleeding!

PUNE: A 25-year-old software engineer, who was bleeding severely after being knocked down by a hit-and-run accident, died because he did not get timely help from passersby at Indrayaninagar corner in Bhosari on Wednesday evening. Shockingly, the onlookers chose to shoot videos and click photos of the accident rather than take the engineer, {Name Deleted}, to hospital. –
What do I say to this display of inhuman brutality and idiotic insensitivity? I feel sick, feel like puking at the very thought of clicking photos of a man in dire need of medical help? What kind of sickening mental depravity of the worst order, what kind of sick insane bastard would do that? What kind of mad and equally cruel idiot would stand clicking photographs while a man died on the road? All who did this – you call yourself humans? Even ANIMALS have a greater sense of what is right and wrong. At this point, I am feeling ashamed to be a part of the human race!
What is so damned attractive of an injured man lying bleeding on the road? What is it that makes it a memorable event? Are we so blinded by the attraction of likes on social media that it eclipses our basic human instincts – instincts which make us human in the first place? Why this sickening, horrible and nauseating habit of clicking photographs of a dying man? What will you get out of it? A few damned likes on Social Media? Is it that bloody important?
If it isn’t likes on Social Media, what other reason can you find? If it isn’t likes, then what is it – is it that you are getting satisfaction out of it? Because if that is the case, my don’t-call-yourself-my-friend, you need to check into a psychiatric ward and get treatment. Blunt, Frank and Straight. Human misery – if that gives you satisfaction – then you are mad, period. And evil. The only possible recourse in such a situation is to leave to place immediately if you do not want to or for some reason cant do anything; or – at the very least you can and should try and collect like-minded people to get them to help; Not stand around clicking gory photographs and videos, something emblematic of a society and a person in terminal decline, a sign of a mentally sick man or woman!
If it isn’t either of the above- then what is the curious fascination some people have for such unfortunate scenes? Why are they drawn, and yet stand gawking like morons at the scene? Ok – it isn’t about likes, and it isn’t about a sick fascination. What else can it be? Why do we see regular scenes of half-wits standing around gawking and staring at scenes of mishaps everywhere around us? In every city I have lived in or travelled to in India, I can see this sick scene, when people are attracted like flies to a fire – to scenes of distress and destruction, and yet doing nothing, Just staring blankly as though they were watching a stupendous and mind-blowing performance on Theatre or Cinema!.
As a matter of fact, this actually proves that Animals are superior to what has now become of the Human Race. We call ourselves the pinnacle of evolution; to all those who subscribe to this wholly inaccurate belief, look around how animals also help each other. Compassion is an integral part of being Human – and these displays of evil insensitivity just make us all that little bit more inhuman with each passing day. This is an all-too-regular happening on our roads – I have written regarding this earlier as well. As a Human Being, today I ask for forgiveness from the family of the deceased, and from God… Please forgive us…

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