Book Review : The Rise Of The Sun Prince {Ramayan Book 1}

Published April 25, 2017 by vishalvkale


Book Review : The Rise Of The Sun Prince

Ramayan : The Game of Life Book One

By : Shubh Vilas

This is a story that never grows old; a history that has been and will be told millions of times in the past 7000 years; and a practice, a tradition that will remain with us Sanaatan Dharmis as long as there is life on Earth. This is the story, the History of the Lord Ram himself, and his undying and mesmerizingly lovely story of his time of Earth with his lady love, Goddess Sita. That makes it a hard, an exceptionally hard story to re-tell; something to be taken up with great caution, tremendous knowledge – and above all, utmost devotion.

Any retelling of The Ramayan that is taken up with the above 3 characteristics will be enticing, beautiful, lovely and fascinating. This is not a tale that can be anything less; not with its sublime beauty; this is a tale like no other – never has history been so enchanting, so beautiful as during the events of The Lord Ram’s life. Such is the towering beauty of this magnificent historical event that it captivates the mind, draws it in, leaves you enchanted, and leaves you richer for the experience. We are truly lucky to be able to savour the awesome delectable pull of this lovely tale in all its resplendent glory! 

And when this sublime story is taken up with the additional flavours of completeness, intellectuality, and connection with modern life – it rises above the ordinary, making its reading an experience to be relished, moments spent reading it as special moments to be treasured in your memory. This current re-telling of this timeless story is in this category – a very, very special re-telling that elevates it into the pantheon of being among the finest modern books written!
The first part of the seven-book series starts, quite literally, from the beginning – from the time Narad Muni narrates The Ramayan to Valmiki Muni, and contains details of Lord Ram’s Ancestors; and the full story of the Ikshavaku Dynasty leading upto King Dasharath in its pages. It tells the story of the birth of Lord Ram, of his growing up years, and of his experiences with his Guru Vishwamitra. The book also paints a stunningly beautiful and detailed portrait of life in Ayodhya, as well as of the qualities that made Lord Ram so special.
It also narrates the full tale of the Janak Dynasty of Goddess Sita, and of the confluence of the two majestic Satyug Dynasties- The Solar and The Lunar Dynasties, giving names of the ancestors of each lineage. And it also introduces the third major player on the scene -Ravan, and gives his history, as well as the story of the rise of the Island of Lanka from Mount Meru. But above all, second only to Lord Ram, this book is the book of Maharshi Vishwamitra – of the way he rose above his passions, failures, anger and learned-struggled-studied-sacrificed his way to the high status of being a Maharshi. This is something that gives all of us tremendous hope, and which drives us to work ever harder in rising above our own sins!
Similarly, there are so many small and big mini-stories, all critical to a full understanding of this Holy Tale, that are detailed within the pages of this book that mentioning them all here is not feasible; I can only state that this is a unique and remarkably detailed narration of The Ramayan, that is recognizably true to The Ramayan History that we all know so well; and yet – it is far more, as it gives full details of a lot of events and things we were not aware of earlier.
The current, first book starts, as stated above, from the beginning, with Narad Muni and Valmiki Muni; and completes at the Marriage of Lord Ram to Lady Sita, concluding at the confrontation scene between the two Avatars of Lord Vishnu : Lord Ram and Lord Parshuram. It covers the birth, education of Lord Ram under both Maharshi Vashisth and Maharshi Vishwamitra, on to his marriage to Goddess Sita, adding quite a bit of details that at least I was not fully aware of.

But the icing on the cake is the connect with the Modern World, and the applicability of the learning from this Timeless, Ageless Tale of The Lord Himself in a modern context. That is what makes this series truly special, giving it a deep connect. This approach makes this series of books an experience, and a self-development effort as well as a mesmerizing tale- giving its breathtaking scope and details enclosed within each book of this series. This series is an experience to be experienced, and a learning to be enjoyed!  

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