Movie : Coffee Aani Barach Kaahi

Published May 23, 2016 by vishalvkale

I am not a movie reviewer, or blogger; but every once in a while, I come across a movie that leaves a deep impression, an impression spanning every aspect of the movie; which is what moves me to pen my thoughts on the aforesaid movie… the movie under review, Coffee Aani Barach Kaahi, is one such – a lovely light romantic movie that is, for me, unforgettable; one I can watch any number of times – like Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai….

Image result for prarthana behere
Jaai  {Prarthana Behere} – idealistic, highly romantic yet reserved, knows what she wants – for sure; stubborn as a mule – she wont say it. No sir, not her. Not even when pigs fly!

Image result for vaibhav tatwawadi
Nishad {Vaibhav Tatwawdi} – Balanced, yet uncertain; competent in everything… except matters of the heart; practical even in love {what can I say? You try and talk sense into him!}. Boss, Nishad – the lady wont, repeat wont, say it. Your call, buddy.

Image result for neha mahajan
Abha {Neha Mahajan} – Vivacious, extroverted, open-minded, confident… and yup, kid sister to Jaai. Dont listen to her, Jaai- she doesn’t know Nishad, so her – aah, strategies – don’t count!

Image result for bhushan pradhan
Anish {Bhushan Pradhan} – comes to “see” Jaai, falls for Neha in the first scene; the frontispiece of the movie. A real gem – people like him are rare, and special… steals the show, almost…

Image result for sandesh kulkarni
Paresh {Sandesh Kulkarni} – Without him, there is no movie. Cafe owner, and luckily for one person, one central character – the only other person with some sense of romance, Anish apart.
The story is one of a blossoming love between Nishad and Jaai… neither will say it for one excellent reason or another, both realise that the other person is THE person for them; one is stubborn as a mule, and with old-fashioned romantic ideas – Jaai wont say it, not ever, not her. Nishad? He wont either, for entirely different reasons. Not him – not ever, no way. NIshad is too uncertain, full of doubts, and reticent while being mature and balanced, and a deeply impressive personality; Jaai idealistic & romantic, wont take the first step. And she doesn’t – right till the very last climactic scene, when she stands dumb as a dodo, but no sir – she will NOT say it.

The difference is in the nut n bolts of the story; it has been presented as a flashback which tells a lovely heart-warming tale of falling in love; this has been interlaced with the scene of Nishad waiting for Jaai at the cafe for their “critical “ meeting. The flashback is in a conversation between Jaai and Anish – who has come with his parents to discuss marriage; Jaai tells Anish the story of her love when he bluntly asks – who is coming between us, as it is apparent to him that the lady isn’t interested. In that one scene – you get to really like Anish… Nishad – what can I say? The waiting scene at the cafe, which turns into hours, is when he starts talking with Paresh, the owner… 
Love is a subject that has been dealt with threadbare in movies; but if you dismiss this movie basis this fact, you will miss a movie that I call one of the best movies to come out of India in any language. This is a movie that grows on you, whose characters grow on you and entangle you in their story; a movie that is deeply engaging, practical and very, very realistic; a movie with zero melodrama, and a movie that creates a deep connect with the audience.
How do you attract, and keep audience interest in such a well-worn subject? By creating scenery and storylines, presenting fresh yet talented faces that have no audience expectations and hang-ups, dialogues and a presentation that tugs at heart strings, is very mature and balanced, and is something we can all relate to; something that is bubbly, full of life, soft and very engaging and lovable at first sight almost. This is not a trick that is easy to pull off – and this is where the movie succeeds big time; it has taken an old concept, and made it sufficiently fresh and different, that is carves a pedestal all for its lonesome.
The magic is in the treatment of the story, the dialogues, the situations presented, and the overall presentation and style. There is a complete absence of any melodrama, as the story unfolds beautifully along practical and close-to-real-life situations; there are no needless twists – and yet, the narrative is sufficiently taut, managing to keep you riveted right from the first scene quite literally, and keep you engaged right till the last scene when that idiot finally says it… {sorry Nishad}
The real beauty is in the sacrifice of the narrative speed; while the narrative of the movie is nice and taut – yet, in places, it has been deliberately allowed to meander here and there; these meanderings are very adroitly handled, and add to the story as well as the depth of the characters. Be it the reminiscence of an old couple on their 50thanniversary, or the interchange between the sisters- very scene is thoughtfully crafted, taking the story forward in some way. There isn’t a wasted scene in the entire movie from start to finish, and that is the most incredible part. This helps in creating a deep connect between the audience and the story, and a deeply absorbing tale unfolds.
If it is an Indian movie – there must be music; and songs – and the movie doesn’t disappoint, with some classy numbers. The songs aren’t too many, and are not forced either, which is great. The music is by Late Shri Gajanan Vatve and  Aditya Bedekar. One song that stands out is one that is also emblematic of the entire movie – different, yet loveable… Rang He Nave Nave, Duniya Hai Nai Nai; Mornings Are Just Magical, Shaame Bhi Hain Surmayee…. a mix of three languages…
The performances are universally excellent; that said – a word has to be said for Neha Mahajan, whose portrayal of Abha is real class. She steals the show – almost; as does Bhushan Pradhan, who in his portrayal of Anish, brings maturity and incredible balance through his impressive controlled performance. You of course get to like Prarthana as Jaai… But the movie, in my opinion, belongs to Vaibhav who steals the show despite having the least lines.. a superply controlled and soulful performance, with at times just his eyes doing the talking… truly class.

All in all, rated 5 stars. In my list, one of the best movies I have ever seen… in a list that has LOC Kargil, Golmaal, Angur, Mangalashtak Once More, Sumbaran, Ek Unaad Divas… 

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