Book Review : And Death Came Calling by Mukul Deva

Published September 15, 2014 by vishalvkale


Mukul Deva is known for his edge of the seat thrillers on the topic of terrorism and/or Army-based thrillers, as shown in his books like Laskhar, Salim Must Die and RIP among others. Thus the expectation is that a Mukul Deva Book should be based on a similar theme; especially since we are used to Western Authors writing on similar themes for the entire career. Well, forget that expectation; the current book is nothing like any of his other books. 

With this awesome work, Mr Deva has established his versatility and command over an entirely different type of book; one which can be classified as a deep and dark thriller. This is a masterpiece from the master of Indian Thrillers, one that is a must read for all Mukul Deva fans – and is a highly recommended read for readers of this genre.


The plot can only be described as deceptively simple, yet pregnant with possibilities. This is based on a security outfit with a difference: one that peddles state-of-the-art smart homes with the entire  range of electronic surveillance and security devices, which include remote camera surveillance through the internet. This is an outfit run by an ex-Army man and a Electronics wizard, the 2 of whom combine their flair of the security business and electronic surveillance gizmos respectively, and combine into a seemingly perfect duo. 

From their control room, they can see right into their client’s homes through these remote cameras – if they want to. Things go as planned, as the project takes off and they land some high-profile clients. That is, until the day one of them decides to save time money and energy by accessing the remote control system to solve a technical  glitch in one of the system’s at their client’s homes. From there, things go on a rapid chain of events that will stun you… 

Captain Ashwin Thakur {Retd} : Dynamic, Unscrupulous, Rough, but a far-sighted and highly intelligent man
Ajit Rawat : Techie Genuis, Straight, Irritating, and yet..


This isnt a classic Mukul Deva. If that is what you are looking for, stop reading here and move on. But if you are interested in a good fast-paced book – read on. Major Mukul Deva {Retd} has just proven his versatility and his ability to write a  stunner on a totally different style. This is a completely different book in every sense of the term. A major, major diversion from the usual Mukul Deva classic.

The book has a slow build-up; but interestingly, the suspense and the expectation  starts from almost the first page, and builds up page after page ceaselessly. An expectation of increasing tension, action and adventure that rides on the reader’s mind as he or she turns pages in the expectation that the next page contains the implied explosion into action; an expectation that keeps you glued to the pages. Some feat, that. Awesome! 

The list of characters says it all : I have listed only 2. And it takes tremendous skill to write an engaging Novel based on only 2 main characters, with a wide variety of supporting characters and 2 major supporting characters, people who play pivotal roles in the story. Who are they? Read the book to find out : I dont want to spoil the fun! The character development is excellent, although in a minimalist style, and amply supports and further develops the story. 

The writing style is very, very different – and yet, retains its punch. The only objection I can find is the vulgarity and open sexuality. I can understand the use of some bad words, given the overall character of Ashwin Thakur. That is entirely in keeping with the character, and its absence would have seemed out of place. But the overt sexuality and explicit description of female parts as well as inclusion of the sexual scene seems overdone. The same effect could have been had by a gentler approach. That apart, the book is superb.

If you enjoy good writing, if you enjoy great fiction, if you enjoy a fascinating read, if you enjoy a rapid and fast-paced novel that is a captivating read – this is the book for you. It is unique, and is based on a superbly laid out near-flawless plot that will stay with you hours after you keep the book down. I rate it 4 stars out of 5…

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