Bayer Boss Says Cancer Drug Not For Indians…

Published January 25, 2014 by vishalvkale

Statement by Bayer’s chief executive – Times Of India

“India’s controller general of patents angered Bayer in March 2012 when he authorized a local drugmaker to produce a generic copy of Nexavar, saying the German company charged a price that was too costly for most Indians.

We did not develop this medicine (Nexavar) for Indians,” ​Marijn Dekkers said at a little reported pharmaceutical forum last month, according to the January 21st edition of Businessweek.

We developed it for western patients who can afford it,” Dekkers said, and called the Indian regulator’s action “essentially theft”.

Bayer said the statements attributed to Dekkers were accurate and forwarded written comments made later by the German chief executive seeking to explain his remarks.

Dekkers said the comment had been a “quick response” at the industry forum to the Nexavar issue and added Bayer wants “all people to share the fruits of medical progress regardless of their origins or income”.

A short post this time… since the above subject matter speaks for itself, in more words than I could pen!

The above can be also be easily interpreted to mean {in jest, or sarcasm} that only those who can afford treatment are entitled to treatments and life… Methinks this is an excellent solution for over-population!
And do note the company’s answer – also read the full article. There isn’t even a hint of remorse, or shame on the statement as per me: you be the judge for yourself; the statement/s speak for themselves.
The clarification says the Drugs are for everyone – but a quick (spontaneous?) response by the top company man says the exact reverse. Which is nearer to the reality – a quick (spontaneous?) response, or a well-thought out and planned statement? That is a call that is best taken by each reader here. 

I am just plain shocked into stunned disbelief at this; never in my wildest dreams had I thought…

Anyways, let it be. Sometimes, silence speaks more than words!

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