A Man Abandoned: Capt Kalia

Published October 11, 2013 by vishalvkale

The government has informed the family of Kargil martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia that it would not be “desirable” to take up his case at the international level as India was committed to resolving its differences with Pakistan only through bilateral negotiations.

“Defence Minister A.K. Antony has said the government cannot deal with Capt. Kalia’s case under the Geneva Conventions. Raising the case on an international forum would not be desirable,” Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrasekhar said in a release. The Minister had told him in a letter that, “India is committed to settling differences with Pakistan only through bilateral negotiations.

In his letter, the minister has mentioned that as per the Simla Agreement, India has pledged to settle all differences with Pakistan through bilateral talks only without referring to any other treaty.”

Thank you, Government Of India. What a lovely dussehra gift. I have nothing to say here; nothing to state – except —–> Pakistan takes every opportunity to internationalise every issue; we keep silent. Pakistan attacks us at every chance, we keep silent. Pakistan supports terrorism, we keep silent. Pakistan foments trouble in India, we keep silent. Pakistan tortures our soldiers, we keep silent…

Think of that last bit again: a soldier dies in brutal torture, against all humanity. A Soldier dies in such pain, a Soldier who does everything to protect the people – which, incidentally, includes the political class. And we cant even try and vociferously, vigorously go after his inhuman torturers? Even the UNHRC initiative was taken up by a solitary MP and the poor man’s father… 

Abandoned by the very state for whom his son gave his life.

Hard words, but I am too disgusted with the Government of India to state anything else. For the first time, I am ashamed of the pusillanimous and cruel approach taken by the Government.. Shame on you, Sir! Shame, Shame! You have shown insensitivity on a monumental scale. 

Note the lines above – especially the Simla Agreement bit. It is fine if Pakistan internationalises things; we cant do so? Pakistan breaks the agreement in letter and spirit at every juncture, and we cant even fight for our own soldiers? Is this justice? And precisely what has been done even at the Indo-Pakistani level? Why cant our geniuses in Government make it a precondition for talks with Pakistan? Whose bloody side are you on, anyway? And what message does this send to the people of India, and most importantly its Armed Forces Personnel? That you dont care enough? 

No one is asking for the peace dialogue to be derailed; this was an event that was shocking beyond normal description. It was an extraordinary event; it deserves to be taken up strongly with all concerned avenues. As it is, we are not talking to Pakistan since 2008. Even then, this disgusting attitude towards your own citizen? Not only are we not talking, we are not even asking for justice? In heaven’s name, why? 

If we were in the middle of a dialogue, I could understand. But there has been no substantive dialogue. And yet, despite this, we are choosing to ignore this monumental crime against humanity? On what grounds? How will taking this up vitiate the atmosphere? As it is, we are not talking! Then why in the name of all that is Holy on the Earth are we not fighting for a man who gave his life for the country? Is that the message we are sending to our people? We are indeed a soft state; anyone can do any bloody damned thing to us, and we remain silent! Thank you very much, UPA-2. Brilliant Strategy! Absolutely Brilliant! Do nothing, close your eyes – and the problem will go away, right?

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