Narendra Modi and The USA… Just Ignore!

Published September 15, 2013 by vishalvkale

Having said that, a part of me wants him to become PM just to see what the US response will be. It will put them in a pretty pickle… the mere thought of that sets my brain neurons racing with excitement! 
The USA – first of all, as of today morning, we were sovereign. Have been with family all day, so have no real idea if USA has annexed India or not. If they have, then NaMo is disqualified since he is not eligible for a US Visa. Sorry, old boy. (PS: If USA has annexed India, can I have my salary in Dollars, please?)
Just googled. India Still Sovereign. 
(Pity, that… salary in dollars meant… well… U know what I mean)
And since we are sovereign as at 8:45 PM today evening 15th September 2013, the question of a US Visa impacting our decisions does not arise. 
On a more serious note, the USA is not exactly a paragon of Justice and Righteousness; their deeds would fill an encyclopaedia of causing trouble in the World. They have supported some highly shady characters and evil personalities in the past with total impunity when it suited them. So they dont have any right to call Narendra Modi (also known as NaMo) anything. As a matter  of fact, it places NaMo on a much higher pedestal than the USA. Compared to some of the – aah – gentlemen who get Visas and have gotten US support, NaMo is quite literally a saint. 
Furthermore, remember that NaMo has been cleared by our Supreme Court. Read this : SIT finds no proof against Modi, says court.The SC’s recent record should place this above all doubt. It is certainly all the proof I require. Furthermore, note that any Indian Citizen disagreeing has the right to appeal; this is not available to a sovereign foreign power. That tantamounts to intervention in internal politics – at which USA is a past master. It is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. By the way, the said kettle in the example is a clean aluminium kettle, not your black iron kettle!
I can only surmise from this that the USA has some powerful reasons for not wanting NaMo – which have absolutely nothing to do with the riots. What the USA is doing is very divisive and deadly dangerous; pandering to disaffected segments of both Khalistani as well as Gujarat riots. Regardless of the truth of the allegations – it has absolutely no right to intervene. This it is regularly doing in every spectrum: NaMo, Sonia Gandhi, Retail FDI rules; Pharmaceuticals; preferential treatment to Indian Manufacturers etc. Note that in each and every case, it (USA) has no locus standi whatsoever. Recently, it has also started making noises along the lines of “quantify damage in monetary terms due to Indian policies”. Its courts have allowed lawsuits against Indian Politicians regarding riots held in India – where they have no legal or moral right in intervene, like in the recent Sonia Gandhi case. Anyone wanting to complain is welcome to India and seek redressal from the Indian Courts. And, if you are a naturalised American Citizens, you will have Big Daddy with you. 
In each of the above cases; the common thread is that the USA has no business intervening. Their own internal record is much worse.
They would do well to remember: pehelaa patthar woh maare jisne paap naa kiyaa ho, jo paapi naa ho… let the person who has not sinned throw the first stone. Frankly, by US standards, NaMo easily qualifies for national hero status, given the ugly US past record. That USA is not giving him a Visa is an award, a badge, a mark of tremendous respect. By comparison, NaMo is a veritable saint; and even the allegations against him are just that: unproven allegations. And do remember that these words are being penned by a man who has gone on record disavowing both NaMo and RaGa. (Rahul Gandhi). 
Why should we give credence to the frankly stupid views of a country that does not understand India? Why should we give it any importance at all? When it suits them, they will do anything to achieve their ends. This is the same nation which displayed collective national amnesia when it went from ban-India-on-nuclear-issue to Yay,-Indian-Nuclear-Sector in the twinkling of an eyelid! This is the same nation that all of a sudden became a champion of the war on terror when the terror reached its shores – again displaying collective amnesia when they clean forgot that they looked hard the other way all the years India complained regarding arms misuse by Pakistan, as well as on Pakistan Nuclear issue. This is the same nation which glibly ignores repeated Pakistan Nuclear threats to India (the latest being the recent security meet in Pakistan when tactical nukes were reportedly discussed: Pakistani political leaders meet to discuss national security, and goes after Iran and North Korea hammer and tongs. So long as we have our house in order, the size of our country will ensure that the USA will yet again display its trademark collective amnesia – and change its colours yet again. Rest assured. 
A reminder: The USA isnt, and has never been, a friend. It is furthermore an outside power. Let us all Indians stand united on this; regardless of our personal feelings. Whether NaMo becomes PM or not is for all of us to decide through our vote in 2014; that is where we have to talk. Whether or not NaMo is guilty, it is an internal matter, to be decided by Indians – not USA. Let us all tell the USA, mind your own bloody business. Go to Hell with your Visa! We dont butt into your politics, you stay the hell away from ours – be it Retail FDI, IP rights, NaMo, Pakistan or whatever else. You are not welcome in our internal matters. Stay Out, Uncle Sam! 

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