And So Life Continues…

Published July 4, 2013 by vishalvkale

Our capacity to forget is truly amazing. It has taken us just 14 days to move on; just 14. But why should I find this surprising? This is par for the course; the average Indian capacity to absorb punishment is almost legendary. The list of man-made disasters and scams we have forgotten makes a very interesting read indeed, one we can justifiably be proud of – having managed to first mis-manage and then forget all the mismanagement for any number of “achievements” of our political masters, bureaucrats and big business. Be it the man-made Uttarakhand, or AMRI Fire case or be it the Satyam or Cobrapost scam; we are very quick to move on.

It doesn’t concern me; It doesn’t effect me. I am alive and well; I am healthy and have a job… that is all that matters. My life is hunky-dory, and great. Why should I care? These, and similar opinions are the general rule. We are armchair specialists: commenting with zeal on each expose and tragedy; shaking our collective heads with shock and concern immediately after each such tragedy or expose. We read the investigative details with anger, and cry that corruption is bad. Oh, how we scream and de-cry all and sundry during the heydays right after any event. Any and every event. From afar, it would seem that we have been shaken to the core; that our collective conscience has been shaken out of its revery.

But fast-forward to a few days later – and everyone has forgotten; everyone has moved on. There is no real recollection of the corrupt nexus that led to deforestation in Uttarakhand. There is no realisation of the criminal negligence that led to warnings being ignored. There is no memory of the negligence that led to AMRI and Mumbai fires; there is little realisation or recall of the corporate managers who featured in Cobrapost or in the Ranbaxy episode. There is no recall greed and negligence combining to create Satyam. There is no recall of how bribes allowed trucks to go unchecked into Mumbai… nothing. Life moves on, as if nothing of import has happened.

Please continue your stupor, India: please dont wake up just yet. Not now, not yet. There is still much that needs to be destroyed; there is a lot that remains to be done before we are completely destroyed. Corruptions scams have just derailed the India story, please wait for it to be gutted totally. Please let your politicians and other vested interests enjoy themselves. Your silence is needed by your family; your silence is needed by society. Stupor is feeding you and your family; and that is the only thing that matters, after all; that you be happy. Mother India deserves what she is getting…

Enjoy, Everyone! Silence… please. Total Silence…


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