Corruption Can Kill…

Published May 31, 2013 by vishalvkale

The smugglers also have informers within the agencies. Whenever the agencies organise a raid, such informers call up their masters and warn them, often foiling the strike… On 29 January. the first recepient of Bharadwaj’s alert checked into this guest house at 4 pm… Customs Inspector Talawadekar and Phanse came into the room… Singh and Talawadekar, law enforcement officers, were Phanse’s co-conspirators… Tiger received a call from a customs inspector…
Excerpt from Black Friday…
The above is a true story, involving corruption. And yes, we dont need to worry all that much about corruption. Hardly any damage was done due to the series of events described above; only – only 273 Indians died. Huh! Only 273 Indians. Kyaa fark padtaa hai, bhaiyon aur behenon? World War 2 killed 60 Million, including an estimated 2 Million Indians. What’s 273 as compared to 2 Million? Peanuts. Let us worry when that number crosses 2 Millon. What say, India? 
Please continue demanding and paying bribes. Makes no difference. But, at least once in your life, if you find the inclination and the time for it, just spare a thought for those 273 Indians who got killed. Or those millions more who are deprived of what is rightfully theirs, perhaps who even die, who fail, who lose everything, who incur losses, who have to pay – all because you asked for or gave a bribe. Just once; that is all I am asking.
As for me, I dont pay a bribe. Seedha aadmi hun; kuchh log aisi aadaton ko bewakoofi kehete hain; kuchh log aisi aadaton ko “inability to adjust to the atmosphere” jaise meaningless lambe lambe dialogues dete hain, kuch log isko galati kehete hain…
Bewakoof hi sahi; par kisi doosre ka huq toh nahi chhintaa. Aur haan, as Inspector Ali stated in A Wednesday – Galati Karnaa Achaa Lagtaa Hai…
And if perchance this article has touched a chord with you, try once – at least once- not to pay a bribe. Just Once. Your Mother will weep in gratitude. Mother India… or have you forgotten her? 
As I always state, 
Jaago Sonewaalon!

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