US – Pakistan Secret Deal…

Published April 13, 2013 by vishalvkale

Thank you Uncle Sam… thank you for confirming that our blood is different in colour. I dont think Indian blood is red… perhaps I should nick myself with a needle just to check whether my blood is yellow or perhaps green in colour… 
Surprised at my anger? If you are an Indian, you should be angry, too… read the following articles: 
There is realisation in the West that Pakistan is using its ISI to undermine the Afghan situation; this is an open admission. Even the BBC has openly stated in an article (I dont agree with the contents stated therein in many instances, which is why I say  “even the BBC has acknowledged the Pakistani hand”)  on militancy: Kashmir militants give up fight and head home. Yet, no one seems to have done anything concrete about it. We have lost over 20,000 lives in 47000+ incidents, and no one in the West cared enough to do anything about it. And yet, the moment the ugly reality of terrorism touched Western – and especially US – shores, we see a sudden interest in the corridors of power. Why, may I ask? Is the colour my countrymen’s blood any different than yours? Is it that I am Homo Neanderthalensis, and you are Homo Sapiens? Am I not Human? We have lived for 66 years (as a nation) with – quite literally – a knife to our throat. And for the past 25 years, that knife has been drawing blood from our neck. And yet, nothing. No acceptance in concrete terms of this reality. 
And, wonder of wonders, the moment the threat comes home to Uncle Sam and the West, the perpetrator – Pakistan – becomes the state at the forefront of the fight against terror; more funds and arms pour into Pakistan; it is eulogised by one and all for its “sacrifices”… while my India continues to bleed. Thank you, Uncle Sam. What a great friend you are. India is indebted to you. Did it not occur to any of the gentlemen over there that all they had to do was to pressurise the Pakistanis into closing down the Kashmiri militant training camps? But no. Why should they? Indians arent human beings. We dont belong to the species Homo Sapiens, now do we? 
Yes, yes, yes, yes, and another yes – I am aware that all those Pakistani geniuses (and they are geniuses – smarter that those US greats, at any rate; look at how they have been fooling the USA for all of 25 years) – as I was saying, all those Pakistani geniuses had to do was to shift the location of the camps. But, my very dear american friends, it would have driven an even further wedge into the Militant – Pakistani relationship, as well as brought India closer to you than ever before. But then, why should you? It isnt your blood, it is ours. You might say that the above step would only serve to drive the monster against its creator Pakistan. To that, my take is: Ya, Right. A dead Indian is anyday better than a dead Pakistani, isnt it? Well – not from where I stand. Sorry, but cant see it that way… Indians prefer to live, thank you very much. 
And then what do you do, to top this all? This: “In secret negotiations, the terms of the bargain were set. Pakistani intelligence officials insisted that they be allowed to approve each drone strike, giving them tight control over the list of targets. And they insisted that drones fly only in narrow parts of the tribal areas — ensuring that they would not venture where Islamabad did not want the Americans going: Pakistan’s nuclear facilities, and the mountain camps where Kashmiri militants were trained for attacks in India.” Note how carefully this has been worded, interesting, isnt it? It is called plausible deniability… which is also, by the way, a term of CIA origin. Kudos to the NY Times for highlighting this! Heartfelt appreciation from an Indian Citizen!
Thank you, Uncle Sam. Thanks a whole bunch. When will my political leaders wake up? Is this the behaviour of a friend? Of a friendly nation?  I dont think so. Strategic Partnership????? Look up its definition, will you, Uncle Sam? I had honestly thought that with US pressure, perhaps Pakistani support to terrorism will decrease. How stupid of me!
EDIT: Thanks, Tushar A. Katira
There are no friends; only interests, That is why I have been stressing strategic partnership in all my US posts. On the one hand, we have USA waxing eloquent on our strategic partnership; on the other hand we have what I have given above. 
The problem is that the current situation is actually emboldening Pakistan to continue its Kashmir interference. Inaction on that score – calling it to task on its training camps – is actually acting as a catalyst to its activities. There is probably a feeling that no one will do anything against us.
I intend to question my political leaders as well: I have just hinted at it in this post, as can be seen in the conclusion. The whole India-USA relationship is cockeyed and topsy-turvy and needs a serious re-think. We need to examine what – if anything – we are getting in tangible terms, aside from rhetoric and FDI. Nothing concrete seems to have emerged as of yet… I shall try to attempt what we have got from our USA relations in a later post. 
Admittedly, Nuclear Deal, our inclusion in NSG would not have happened without USA – but the rest would happen with or without USA. We are not getting technology, we are not getting clout… nothing. It is a strange, even funny relationship. That is what I am questioning.  I am ok if we are using the USA to get what we want; that is smart diplomacy – and given that USA has actually suppplied arms to Pakistan in a clandestine fashion for Afghanistan as well as set up the ISI’s skills – it is acceptable. But I draw the line at a strategic partnership with a nation that has been against us all these years, has been aware of the ISI’s deeds, has introduced ISI to such tactics through its Afghan misadventure and done nothing about it. 
We have a nation that is aware of our bleeding and doing nothing about it. That doesn’t sound right. If we are gaining something tangible, then it would be ok; but aside from trade – I dont see what benefit we are getting out of the USA. In fact, when the economy is in a better shape, I dont think it a bad idea to give an ultimatum of sorts to the USA – either stop supporting Pakistan in every way, or no deal. On anything.

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