The Silence of the Media, leading from the silence of the people…

Published March 24, 2013 by vishalvkale

This little tit-bit of news is tellingly absent from any other news website as at 6:38 pm today. It can be seen only on Hindustan Times… link above. 
For the rest, I had to do a  search…

More importantly, India has moved on…
Corruption? Chaltaa hai. 
Bribe? Ok. No problem
This precise same attitude can be seen in each and every case that has happened in living memory… AMRI file case. Remember that? What happened afterwards? Were the guilty punished? What steps have been implemented by various state governments and the central government to ensure mandatory fire-safety equipment and procedures in buildings? There has been at least 1 major incidence of fire after this that I can recall… but no.  How many of us have checked whether our offices and flats have the mandatory clearances and procedures / equipments in place? Our Media is silent; and our people are uncaring…
Remember the Nirbhay case? Silence… absolute silence. Just about everybody and his uncle was voicing an opinion on social media and mainstream media just 3 months ago. And today? She lies forgotten; steps taken by Delhi to improve its roadways and auto-drivers largely ignored by everyone. And as regards the juvenile, his punishment is now a thing of forgotten memory. There is no pressure from any side on this matter. Perhaps a small Media comment somewhere, and no reaction from the public. Once again, our Media is silent, our people uncaring…
We have moved on… 
Jo raah chuni toone, ussi raah pe raahi chalte jaanaa re…. 
(Please dont sing the second line of this song; it doesnt fit our society…)
Well done, India. Our freedom fighters must be so proud at the state of the nation… well done, indeed…
How many more Nirbhays’ how many more Kejriwals and how many more AMRI-like fires do we require to wake up? Astounding! Astonishing! I for one, am speechless… despite the above rant! 
Jaago, Sonewaalon!

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