Young / Educated India: Myth… or Reality?

Published February 20, 2013 by vishalvkale

Let us carry the reasoning from the previous post forward. I have seen other interactions on the topic of corruption at a personal level, and have seen similar levels of interest. The exact same has been my experience on my blog, when The Krishna Key book review can get me 1000+ hits in a very short time; but corruption analysis get me a fraction of that number. 
Not only that, now recall incidents of the past 2 years when the so-called young people were rising, or all of middle class India was in outrage:

  1. AMRI Fire
  2. India Against Corruption
  3. Janlokpal
  4. Nirbhay / Women Safety
  5. Clean India Green India

All of these now lie forgotten. There is little coverage in Media of this. And to those who say that the Media has been influenced, there is little happening on any issue in terms of public interest and attention even in social media. How many of us has taken the trouble to check if our office building is fire-safe? How many of us have started reporting corruption cases? Do we care what is now happening to the Janlokpal? Forget about these major issues; recall Clean India campaign? How many of us actively look for dustbins? How many of us have started really contributing in keeping India clean? Hardly anyone: and no brickbats, if you dont mind. I have eyes and can observe. 
The conclusion is inescapable: we are the problem. We are not a part of the problem; we actually are the problem. We, the educated middle class of India – from seventeen to seventy – are the problem. Our pusillanimous and disgusting I-Me-Myself attitude is at the core of the issue. This attitude can be spotted everywhere, and we dont realise it. A sad state of affairs indeed. We get swayed by emotional appeals when it suits us; when the urgency has passed – we are back to our old ways. This is proven by the short-term mass movements in Janlokpal, Nirbhay etc cases. This is proven in the soul searching after the AMRI Fire, and in any number of other issues. I had hoped that this is the spark that can light the flame – but the flame is showing signs of petering out. 
Had real change been around the corner, the seriousness would have shown up in the educated classes, who currently rise only when it impacts them. It would have been evident in increased civic consciousness in society, in more number of proactive steps taken to tackle the issues. The continued absence of a national dialogue on all the major issues of importance on even social media, let alone the national news, is a cause of concern. It is leading me to wonder: Young / Educated India: A Myth or Reality? I wonder…

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