Judicial Activism….

Published August 6, 2012 by vishalvkale

The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Disturbing trends in judicial activism:

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An interesting article on Judicial Activism in India by a senior advocate in the supreme court has highlighted cases where the apex court intervened. A look at the areas where the court passed orders is most revealing:
  • Control over automobile emissions
  • Air, noise and traffic pollution
  • Parking Charges
  • Helmets
  • Cleanliness in housing colonies
  • Disposal of garbage
  • Control of traffic in New Delhi
  • Made compulsory seat belts
  • Ordering action plans to control monkey menace
  • Ordered measures to prevent accidents at unmanned crossings
  • Prevent ragging in colleges
  • Collection and storage of blood banks
  • Control of loudspeakers and firecrackers
  • Baba Ramdev Eviction from Ramlila grounds
  • Exclusion of tourists from core areas of tiger reserves
  • Investigation and prosecution of ministers and officers in the Jain Hawala case
  • Taj Corridor case
  • 2G telecom case
  • Distribution of food grains to persons below poverty line was monitored
One question that comes to my mind is What is the Government Of India doing? And what are the various State Governments doing – if traffic, food grains, helmets, ragging, tiger reserves etc all are monitored by the Judiciary? Just who is running this country? And precisely what are the various government agencies, IAS lobby, State and Central Government departments, Governments etc doing? It is obvious from the above list that ipso-facto, the country is being run by the Judiciary and the Army, the only 2 relatively clean organisations in our society. This above list is hard evidence of official apathy and governmental neglect. This is a testimony of a total breakdown of governance… it might sound melodramatic to most of you, but this list boggles the mind and distorts perspective! And we, the people, are blissfully silent and going on with our lives… mindless of the mayhem all around us. 
The more I think of it, the more I read this damning list of failure, of governmental failure, the more I am sure that we need a viable political alternative. We need to get out in 2014 and let our votes do the talking. Let us give the new team IAC a chance…. we have voted for criminally charged individuals, for failures, for power-hungry people, for dynasties…  (based on the list of MPs with serious criminal charges against them); now let  us vote for a set of clean people. At least the IAC team is indubitably better, cleaner, for more qualified, educated than almost 95% of the political class!  Let us hope that Team India Against Corruption can provide us with some much needed respite, and a ray of hope…. we need a chance, before it is too late for our country….

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