It’s The Army Now….

Published March 28, 2012 by vishalvkale

Army toothless: General VK Singh drops letter bomb on govt – Hindustan Times:

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I am beginning to wonder what is required for the people of India to wake up from their abhorrent stupor… Institution after institution is collapsing with monotonous regularity due to abject neglect! School performance is the lowest in the world; rampant corruption; inefficient policing; falling economic indicators; Telecom tangle; FDI in retail imbroglio; Judicial activism; Satyam….
And now the Army.
One point shines through this entire episode: The Media is more concerned with the Government’s continuance / Fate of the Army Chief / How the letter leaked / political reactions / Army’s politicization. What about the security of the nation? Rather than criticize the Army Chief, why has no one from the Media (judging from the coverage so far seen on various websites) critically examined the issues highlighted in the letter? What is more important: The Government, The Political Parties, The Letter – or The Nation? That should be a no-brainer: the nation should supercede all other considerations. And yet, I have not seen any reaction in print on any website so far. Let me see what the morrow brings – I am keenly waiting for tomorrow’s newspapers to see if there is critical analysis of the contents and their truth; as also how much pressure there is on the IAS lobby and the government to come clean on this matter.
I, for one, want to know the extent of the truth in the letter: has our Army indeed been rendered powerless for want of Modern Equipment and Ammunition? I very much fear this might be true- judging from the delay in finalising the Fighter Aircraft deal. The time has come for all of us to demand from the powers that be in New Delhi – Bureaucrats and Politicians alike – that they come clean on the state of affairs in the Army. Further, this matter should be dealt with without accord to politics- for we have now been rendered powerless as the respect of the Indian Army will have taken a severe beating across the world. This is also going to have a serious effect on the “India Shining” image. There was only last bastion that was left untouched at the altar of power games and corruption – The Armed Forces.
We have been hearing rumblings of dissatisfaction in the Armed Forces over the process of procurement of arms, over the control of the bureaucrats, the increasing politicization of the process. We have also read quite a few snippets of news highlighting the urgent needs of the Armed Forces… but nothing quite as serious as this. And in my opinion – the blame lies at our own doors – our carelessness, our I-Me-Myself-First attitude, our how-does-it-effect-me syndrome. Ā Corruption, Bad Governance is eating away steadily at all of our achievements – and this is being compounded by our total lack of concern on this issue. For this is what this is: Corruption & Bad Governance!

2 comments on “It’s The Army Now….

  • Excellent comments boss! You have written its because corruption and bad governance ! Yes I do agree but lack of patriotism is the root of it ! And yes! Its astonishing that none among so called intellectuals in broadcast or print media is concerned about content of the letter rather these guys are talking about how the letter leaked!Shame on the fourth pillar of Indian Democracy! And well done General ! we salute you for taking that brave stand ! You dont have to prove your credibility and patriotism to these guys who are not Indian Leaders! They are neither Indians nor leaders !

  • Thanks Narendra…
    Only one thing: dont call the leaders “not indian” – they are Indian by birth; some of them might even believe they are doing the right thing. That is why the role of the Media is so important!

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