Honesty can get you killed: CBI Ex-director

Published March 10, 2012 by vishalvkale

The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Honesty can get you killed:

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” It has been openly acknowledged that a sizeable number of candidates, who were recently put up or elected to the State Assembly, at least in one State, had a known criminal record. There is no public outrage over it.”

“What is the practical course of action to prevent the mafia in Madhya Pradesh from striking again? The Chief Minister has ordered a judicial enquiry. This is the best way to ensure the truth about those who were behind the gory incident does not emerge, at least for a long time.”

” Things have now reached such a pass that you can speak and stand for honesty and adherence to the law only at your peril. Physical harm to you and your family are normally to be expected, and it is your luck if that does not visit you. This would not have been the case if these rapacious elements in society have not been lent unholy support by some of our elected representatives.”

“Finally, is it not time for the Apex Court to steamroll the reforms it had so eloquently pushed in 2006, in response to the PIL of former U.P. DGP Prakash Singh? Many former and present IPS officers are disappointed that the pace of reforms ordered by the Supreme Court has been painfully slow. Here again, the truth is that a number of Chief Ministers are opposed to these monumental changes, changes that are aimed at freeing the Indian Police from the stranglehold of small time street-level politicians.”

These are the words of an ex-director of the CBI.

If the Director of the CBI can state this so bluntly and in print… it is time to be worried with the state of our nation… seriously worried. Apparently, even the police is not in a position to stem the rot. First I was just concerned…

But Now?

I am worried- deeply so. I am seriously worried- and I cannot forget that even a man as powerful as a CBI Director feels completely hopeless and helpless. 


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